Westhoek Verbeeldt

"Westhoek Verbeeldt" is a large online databank with old postcards and photographs of places, events, people in the province of West Flanders. This database was created for the purpose of preserving those old images so they would not be lost ever again. Future generations, that way, still can consult this database and learn about the past, find out soemthing about the lives of their parents, grandparents and ancestors.

People who still have old photos or postcards can contact "Langemark Verbeeldt"
The photos may concern: the agricultural life, social events, religious events such as processions, funerals, other celebrations, etc ....
If ypou have photos of the Great War of the Langemark-Poelkapelle region, then please contact me: stijn_butaye@msn.com

With your permission, these photos then will be put on this website.

Sint-Juliaan (Langemark): Pondfarm of kazerne Haeseler


The local volunteers:
• Bikschote: Rosa Deturck
• Langemark: Robert Hoorelbeke,Guido Degraeve, Dirk Lebbe,
Jean-Pierre Decadt, Christine Ligneel, Anne-Marie Defever, Marcella Thorrez,
Pierre Dewilde, Frans Vandeputte en Robert Verschaeve
• Madonna: Daniël Vanlerberghe, Gabriël De Kervel, Marleen Soete en Ronny Standaert, Johan Vannoote
• Poelkapelle: Ignace Thoma, Jozef Courtens en
Johan Vanbeselaere
• Sint-Juliaan: Robert De Wandel, Stijn Butaye, Robert Missine en Willy Veraverbeke